What is eCitiBiz?
eCitibiz is a highly customizable and industry standard organizational operations system designed to electronically capture and pivot all aspects of the operations and work flow of the Citizenship and Business (C&B) department of Ministry Of Interior. It best describes the integration and automation of the department’s core functions, services and process for streamlined operations.
How do I use the eCitiBiz Portal?
Using eCitiBiz Portal is very easy. eCitiBiz can help you with the following:

  • Business Permit Application: This Applies to Wholly Foreign and Joint Ventures Companies Seeking to do Business in Nigeria

  • Establishment Grant: This Applies to Indigenous Companies (NGO, State Government, etc..) Seeking to bring in Expatriate to assist their Businesses

  • Existing Business Migration: Before now, some Companies have been doing Business with The Ministry of Interior. Such Companies are expected to Register their Business Details on the eCitiBiz Portal

  • Expatriate Quota Services: New Quota Requests, Additional Quota Request, Quota Re-validation, Quota Upgrade to PUR, Quota Redesignation, Quota Withdrawal, Quota Renewal, Stay of Action, Monthly Quota Returns, etc..

  • Citizenship: Become a Real Nigerian Citizen  (By Naturalization, By Registration, By Confirmation, By Special Immigration Status and By Renunciation)

  • Marriage License: Become Legally Married and Recognized by the Country. If you are married before now and without Federal Marriage Registry Certification, you can Apply for Certification here

  • Place of Worship: Are you a Religious Organization operating in Nigeria? Do that legally by Registering. Also, this will Licence your Organization to conduct Marriagies Legally

NOTE: If you have any Question that is not captured, please Click Here. Once you are on the Page, Select INFORMATION as your CONTACT CATEGORY and Type in your Question in the Message Box. To Receive a reply by Phone and Email, Please provide us with your Contact details on the Form. We will reply you within 10 Minutes of receiving your Message.
Other things you should know
Application Number: This is the Reference Number Given to you by the Portal once you initiate any Application. This Number will be used in referencing all your activities within the eCitiBiz Portal and at The Ministry of Interior

Phone & Email Verification: Each time you want to know the progress of your Application OR you are Applying for any of the Expatriate Quota Services, the System will always ask you to Enter your Application Number and Your Phone or Email Verification Code. This is used as Authentication to enable you get access to the services you are requesting. If you have forgotten your Verification Code at any point in time, Click on SEND CODE to receive another one on your registered phone and Email Address.

Petitions: You can use this to Query any suspected activities of an Expatriate in Nigeria. To record a Petition, Click Here